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Father DiOrio is a Roman Catholic Priest, Educator, Philanthropist, Author, Artist and Healer.  
Fr. DiOrio was ordained June 1, 1957, and has served in parishes in Chicago, IL, Ontario,
Canada, Utica, NY and Fitchburg, MA.

He is the recipient of the following awards:

Children's Village 1982 Angel Award,

UNICO's Man Of The Year Award - 1982, 

Bishop O'Reilly Assembly Citizen Of The Year Award - 1997.

He has attained the following degrees:

-BA degree in Philosophy and Liberal Arts - St. Charles Seminary, Staten Island, NY in conjunction with St. Joseph's Archdiocesan Seminary, Dunwoodee, NY.

-Theology Studies and Priesthood - Sacred Heart Major Seminary, Melrose Park, IL., in conjunction with Mundeline Archdiocesan Major Seminary, Mundeline, IL.

-Masters Degree in Education (School Psychology Major) - Fitchburg State College, Fitchburg, MA; BFA -Degree in Fine Arts, Cum Laude, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA.

Doctor of Humane Letters - Anna Maria College, Paxton, MA; Certified by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts - In Latin, Spanish and Italian. He also holds certificates as a School Psychologist and a Counseling Psychologist.

Fr. DiOrio's concern for world humanity resulted in creation of his Children's Fund. The Fund's accomplishments include a Children's Hospital - Alleppy, India, and a Children's Clinic addition and a Chapel for the Benedictine Sisters - St Lucia (West Indies).

Fr. DiOrio received the Gift of Healing on May 9, 1976. On November 15, 1977, his International Healing Ministry was formed, taking him all over the world. Many people have witnessed healings at the crusades. In India, a crowd of 250,000 people attended one such service. He has been written about in countless newspapers and magazines, and has had the privilege of appearing on National and International TV and Radio.  Fr. DiOrio has a well-established Audio and Video ministry, and is the author of eight books.  

Under the faithful adherence to the sound theology of the Church, and under the obedient and prudent supervision of the local bishops of Worcester, past and present, and under the overseeing general authorization of the Holy See's officials, Father Ralph Anthony DiOrio, Jr. is permitted to function in these services of evangelization and healing--as long as he preaches and teaches the mercy and the love of Jesus Christ.

The teaching and preaching brings about the expression of faith and the occasion of healing. God chooses many ways to convey His love, namely the teaching and preaching of the Gospel. It has been discerned by appropriate authority that Father DiOrio, during the past 26 years of the formal healing ministry throughout the world, fulfills his responsible accountability to Almighty God and to the People of God. 

In the spirit of this anointed priest, we of the Apostolate of Divine Mercy and Healing, extend the soul and spirit of Father Ralph--as he is publicly and affectionately called--the blessings which have been participated and extended throughout the world:

"May the blessings of Almighty God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit descend upon you; and may the protection of the Holy Mother of God, Mary most blessed, be upon you and protect you on your earthly voyage from here into eternity.  Amen."




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