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58 yrs in the priesthood

58 years in the Holy Priethood

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A Priest in Profile

A young boy’s call to priesthood – 1930’s

Father DiOrio, age 9

Father DiOrio, age 9

Ralph Anthony DiOrio, Jr. was born on Saturday, July 19th,
1930 in Providence, Rhode Island. He was the first child of
Ralph DiOrio, Sr. and Molly Pazienza DiOrio. His father,
an Italo-American was born in Providence, Rhode Island in
1912; his mother was born in the Roman Province of
Quercino, Italy, in 1909 and was brought to the shores of
the United States at the age of two.
At the age of turning to 15, under the spiritual direction of
his Scalabrinian parish priest, he entered the Minor
Seminary of The Missionary Fathers of St. Charles
(Scalabrinians, named after the founder, Bishop John
Baptist Scalabrini, ordinary in Piacenza, Italy), where he
began his very excellent twelve year religious academic
educational training for the Holy Priesthood (1945 – 1957).

Early Years 1940s

St. Charles Seminary Major Philosophy Class 1951- 1953 Staten Island NY

St. Charles Seminary
Major Philosophy Class 1951- 1953 Staten Island NY

In September of 1949, he graduated from the minor
seminary in Chicago and entered the Immaculate
Conception Novitiate in Staten Island, New York where he
professed his first religious vows a year later on October
7th, 1950, the feast of the Holy Rosary of Mary.

Being Ordained a priest –  1950s

Moment of Ordination June 1st, 1957

Moment of Ordination
June 1st, 1957

In 1953 at the age of 23 he received a Bachelor of Arts and
Letters at St. Charles’ Seminary, after which he returned to
the Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Melrose Park, Illinois
to complete his four years of Sacred Theology –the
seminary being under the auspices and authorization of the
Chicago Archdiocesan Seminary of Mundelein, Illinois.
On Saturday, June 1st, 1957, he was ordained a priest in
Chicago, Illinois and became Father Ralph Anthony
DiOrio, Jr. He began his zealous priesthood and pastoral
assignments in both the United States and Canada.

Early assignments – 1960s

In 1961, he was assigned as Assistant Master of Novices in
the Immaculate Conception Novitiate located in Cornwall,
New York. His added mission was preaching and teaching
along the areas of Cornwall and Newburgh, New York, as
well as an assignment to teach the children of the officers
at the nearby West Point Army Academy, West Point, New

Later assigned in Utica, New York, Father DiOrio initiated
on a local Radio Show WBVM his program “L’Ora Catolica”
(The Catholic Hour) which he designed, produced and
personally presented in the Italian language from 1963 to
1967. This weekly program dealt with an Evangelization
Radio Presentation mostly directed for Italian emigrants.
This work was included along other priestly ministries in
local parish work, and teaching programs located within
the Syracuse Diocese in Utica, New York.

On March 29th, 1968, Father DiOrio, due to long standing
family pressing needs and the oncoming death of his father
(July 16, 1967), transferred his association to the
Missionary Fathers who were then known as the Pious
Society of St. Charles. At this time he became a Diocesan
Priest in the Diocese of Worcester, Massachusetts.

Permission to continue academic studies

Under the enriching blessings of the Diocese of Worcester
and in the permissions from his new Spiritual Father and
bishop, the now deceased Bishop Bernard J. Flanagan, and
also the successor Bishop Timothy J. Harrington, now
deceased, Father DiOrio continued his academic studies,
receiving postgraduate degrees at Fitchburg State College
where he majored in School Psychology with additional
training in Social Work Psychology, and subsequently
through studies in the University of Ponce, Puerto Rico, as
well as further studies at Worcester State College.

Father Ralph had also obtained his Massachusetts
certificates in teaching in three languages (Italian, Latin
and Spanish), in addition to that of School Psychologist.
Father DiOrio also holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Cum
Laude, from the University of Massachusetts Amherst
(1997), and an Honorary Doctorate of Philosophy bestowed
upon him by Anna Maria College in Paxton, Massachusetts

Mother’s Day 1976 – Charismata of the Holy Spirit Gifts

On Sunday, May 9th, 1976 (Mother’s Day), Father Ralph
Anthony DiOrio, Jr. was openly blessed with the Holistic
Charisma of Healings. After much ecclesiastical
discernment, Father began his mission as the Founder and
Director of the Apostolate of Divine Mercy and Healing
which is pursued to this day. This discernment was most
important and necessary as to the essence and nature
being demonstrated in the “Charismata of the Holy Spirit
Gifts” by major superiors. Such prudent discernment from
Rome, the then (now deceased) Cardinal John Wright
Office, and that of the local bishops, was (and should still
be for such Charismata authenticity) a very important step
for the Church’s role which is never to deceive nor hurt
God’s people, the Church.

A Moral Certitude was evidenced and established that God
had blessed the Church of Worcester with such a gift to one
of its priests, as well as doing so with other gifts to its
priests who also were being blessed in many other Holy
Spirit Charisma.

Touching and evangelizing countless souls

healing service

In that time, since receiving the gifts of healing, Father
Ralph, under the auspices of ecclesiastical authorities (i.e.
an absolute condition without which), has traveled the
world touching, inspiring and evangelizing countless souls
from all denominations and nationalities. In such a mission
he was corroborating the Church’s Revealed Doctrine of
Faith confirming such presentations by authentic Divine
holistic healings. Enormous crowds, such as in India
(250,000 at just one main open air service), Madison Square
Garden (20,000), and other large national and international
open air and closed arenas, attended and experienced
God’s Presence in spirit, soul and body – holistic healings.

Extensive crusade work oversees

rdo image leper

He has done extensive Crusade work oversees as
mentioned in India, across the majority of European
Countries, and most of the states and dioceses here in the
United States. Many services have allowed thousands of
persons to experience God’s merciful love, forgiveness and
Divine healing compassion especially observed in Mexico,
Canada, West Indies, and in the Leper Colony of Molokai
and its adjacent Pacific areas as near to Pearl Harbor.

Holy Father John Paul’s comforting and directive words

rdo image with jp

Affirming moment with Pope John Paul II

A Memorable, Encouraging and Affirming Moment 1987:
Father was most privileged to conduct in 1987, at the
invitation of Archbishop Kelvin Felix, a two week Crusade
for the Island inhabitants of St. Lucia in preparation of the
people for the first visit of Pope John Paul II to St. Lucia,
West Indies. This was Father Ralph’s first sensitive, gentle,
most happy and humbled opportunity, among four other
following personal interactions with John Paul II in Rome,

In that first meeting at the Cathedral session and following
dinner with the Holy Father, John Paul II, Father Ralph has
never forgotten the comforting and directive words of and
from the Holy Father who said to him – while pressing
forcefully his strong Polish finger into Father Ralph’s Chest
– “In all your labors for our Church, never, never
compromise the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I bless you and
your Apostolate.”

38 years in the Apostolate mission

The Church as a whole has guided and welcomed Father
Ralph throughout these 38 years in the Apostolate mission.
He has appeared in numerous secular and various
Christian newspaper articles and magazines. He has been
featured in many Catholic, Protestant and secular
television shows, including an outstanding episode of
“Unsolved Mysteries” with actor Robert Stack (now
deceased) as narrator.

Many awards and honors

Father DiOrio has received many awards and honors for
his church and humanitarian works, and notably in
building a Children’s Hospital, now a Hospice, in Alleppey,
India. He was awarded by actresses Sara O’Meara and
Yvonne Fedderson, Founders of Childhelp for the healing
of abused children, the 1982 “Children’s Village USA Angel
Award” in Hollywood, California. He also was awarded the
UNICO Man of The Year Award in 1982; the 1997 Bishop
O’Reilly Assembly (Knights of Columbus) Citizen of the
Year Award; and the Witness Award in 2006 from the
Passionist Community.

 Sharing his life of Soulwinning

rdo image shepherds field

Shepherds Field,

In conjunction with his ministry of Evangelization, Father
DiOrio has shared his life in Soulwinning through multiple
media: television programs, radio programming, national
and international crusades, retreats and seminars. In
publications, Father is the author of eight books, his
prayerful daily meditations through the following literary
presentations: “The Man Beneath the Gift”; “The Healing
Power of Affirmation”; “Called to Heal”; “In His
Footsteps”; “A Miracle to Proclaim”; “Healing Love”;
“Signs and Wonders”; “God’s Embracing Love”;
pamphlets, audio tapes and CD ministries….

Under the formal auspices, guidance and direction of Bishop Flanagan

Father DiOrio, under the past formal auspices, guidance
and direction of Bishop Bernard J. Flanagan, D.D., Spiritual
Father and mentor during the ministerial years of his
Diocesan Priesthood, is the Founder and Director of the
Apostolate of Prayer for Evangelization and Divine Mercy
Healing (1981).

Motivated by the Person of Jesus Christ Only

rdo image cross

The soul and the spirit of Father Ralph have always been
based upon a personal relationship in his priorities,
namely, the Person of Jesus Christ Only. Motivated by
these personal priorities, the power of the Holy Spirit has
urged him, his faithful holy staff workers, and those with
whom he serves in Soulwinning, to speak tenderly but
honestly and firmly to the hearts of God’s people. His
spiritual power exposes him to the responsibility and the
duty, without exception, to offer comfort, to impart the Holy
Spirit’s grace of Exhortation / Encouragement, and so
demonstrate God’s healing to the World’s Crying Suffering

58 priestly years of service to God and to all peoples

Father Ralph’s “conscientious, scrupulous responsibility
enslavement” to and in his priestly works, as he identifies
his present 57 priestly years of service to God and to the
Peoples of all Faiths and Nationalities (his very staunch
conviction to this) is that there are only four basic needs to religious zeal.

Only four basic needs to religious zeal

1.  Holy Spirit

2.  Authentic non-legalistic prayer

3.  Soulwinning

4.  A personal love and devotion to the Holy Mother of God

In the Relationship to the Holy Spirit, he scrupulously
“foundations” his daily life in authentic, daily, full-life
honesty to Prayer, and then to selfless untiring labors in

Father’s source of fire for his untiring zeal 

Being so often asked how he does this, Father DiOrio takes
the opportunity to answer this to so many who really want
to know. His personal spiritual motto and the fire of his
untiring zeal comes from St. Augustine’s belief,
“Qui non amat, non zelat / he who has no love has no zeal.”
(no fire, no passion)

Principles of Fr. Ralph DiOrio’s life

rdo image fatherarms

  • Life is a Precious shared Gift from God.
  • Do not waste life’s brief moment foolishly.
  • One essential element only – IN SPIRITU SANCTO
  • The Spirit of God with His Gift of Exhortation to Broken
  • Souls. Our mistakes may be God’s greatest grace to
  • As Socrates said, we come to know ourselves.
  • Father DiOrio believes not in criticism which
    destroys, but in critique, which is like awakening the
    Sleeping Giant to rise.
  • Solid conviction of a daily fresh atmosphere of an
    authentic Personal Prayer, especially before the
    Blessed Sacrament – daily Adoration. This is the Soul
    of any Apostolate overflowing successfully into the
    effective corporate labors of a vocation, religious or
  • True Love for the Mother of Christ, Mary Most Holy.
  • Soulwinning – the overflow of personal love
    relationship with Jesus Christ to others in need of
    Reconciliation, Redemption, Regeneration,

Calling every human creature to a purposeful service of love

It is the hope of the author Fr. Ralph that reading this
Profile will encourage many who have placed time to read
this adventure of a young boy’s call to Holy Priesthood, and
the purpose of God Creating and Calling every human
creature to a purposeful service of love, be it secular or

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rdo image fr age 16

Father DiOrio, age 16